How to use Curling Iron?

If your hair can’t manage to keep any curl, regardless of the way the iron is held curling iron Don’t fret it’s not your fault. It’s possible that you don’t know the proper way to use a curling iron, and that’s understandable. There are a variety of elements to consider when it comes to effectively curling your hair. These include making use of the correct styling products as well as determining the right temperatures for the type of hair you have and ensuring the overall health of your hair. We asked the hairstylist and dermatologist for advice on the best way to make use of a curling iron or curling wand for the most optimal results. Below are their suggestions as well as helpful pictures.

Step 1: Choose Your Tool

When you are shopping for the curling equipment you prefer, consider some things. First, decide which one you prefer: curling irons with either a clamp or the tool. A curling iron equipped with a clamp, you likely guess, has an adjustable clamp that holds your hair’s curls in place while you curl. A wand-style curling iron comes with no clamp. Instead, it is possible to wrap hair in the barrel to hold it in place until the curl is formed. Your decision is dependent on your personal preferences and what you like to work with.

Then, consider the curliness you’d like your hair to appear. If you’re trying to create tight-wound coils, pick a barrel that’s 3/4-inches or less. If large, buoyant beach waves are your style, then get the curling iron that has an inch-wide barrel or greater.

When it comes to the kinds of curling equipment concerned ceramic and tourmaline curling irons are the best choice since they will aid in reducing the appearance of frizz. There’s also the manual aspect of it–if wrapping your hair around the curling iron’s barrel isn’t optimal, an automatic curling iron could be the thing you’re looking for.

Step 2: Begin Your Look with Freshly Washed Hair

To make the most of your perfect curly look It’s recommended to begin with fresh hair. Get in the shower and apply a set of conditioner and shampoo that are designed to reduce hair’s appearance frizz such as the L’Oreal Paris EverPure Frizz-Defy Hair Shampoo and the L’Oreal Paris EverPure Frizz Defy Conditioner. Apply a hair mousse, such as the one from L’Oreal Paris Advanced Style CURVE It Elastic Curl Mousse on wet hair to increase volume.

Step 3: Dry Your Hair

When your hair is half air-dried, you can blow-dry it all the way with boar bristle brushes until the hair is completely dry. It is important that you apply a heat-protectant like that of the L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BLOW DRY It Thermal Smoother Cream first.

Step 4 : Make sure to start with clean hair

It is best to start with completely dry hair prior to using an iron for curling flatiron, the curling wand Shilpi Khetarpal M.D., dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic. “Putting any type of heat to hair that’s wet is likely to be more damaging than when hair is dry, because the cuticle is exposed and open. It’s going to be damaged more when it’s damp,” Says the doctor Dr. Khetarpal. Any hot tool, including blow dryers, can make your hair weak. However, curling irons use heat directly on your hair, which is why you should stay away from using them on moist or wet hair. Maintaining your hair’s health as that it can be is crucial to getting curls, and we’ll discuss in the in the next.

Step 4 : Do not use the curling iron for damaged hair

Your hair may be difficult to style if your hair is damaged, according to the doctor. Khetarpal. Hair is made of proteins, which are held together by disulfide bonds. (These are extremely solid chemical bonds that make the protein in place.) In healthy hair they are not broken However, certain elements, such as bleach, sunlight hot tools, and hair dyes, may weaken the bonds, and cause them to break, says the doctor. Khetarpal. In the event of this hair is damaged and doesn’t hold curls. “It just lies there,” the doctor. Khetarpal. “Think of it similar to burned hay. It’s just a little confusing, and it’s not able to retain its shape.” If you find your hair is more frizzy or dry than usual It could be damaged, according to the doctor Dr. Khetarpal. Another major indicator? Split ends. This is why we’re going to the next suggestion…

Step 5 : Do not use the same hot tools every day

It’s no secret that heat strips hair’s natural oils and causes dryness as per Dr. Khetarpal. She suggests using heat devices every two days at the very least. If you prefer to make use of a curling iron each day, you should consider alternative ways to ensure your hair is healthy, like drying your hair in a towel or blow drying the hair instead of blow drying when you can.

Step 6 : Make sure you use the correct dimension and type of curling iron

A variety of sizes and shapes of irons can create various curl styles according to hairstylist Janine Jennings who is the director of education and training for U.K. hair-care firm GHD. For instance, an iron with a 1.25-inch barrel produces soft curls that are bigger, while smaller barrels of 1 inch will result in smaller curls, according to her. Make use of a curling wand when you’re looking for the tousled beach wave look with a long curly root and more tense curls toward the ends. Curling wands have another advantage over a curling iron is that they won’t leave the hair with marks from clamps. Jennings recommends these options that are shown below GHD Curve 1.25″ Soft Curl Iron ($199, Sephora), GHD Curve 1″ Classic Curl Iron ($199 in Sephora) as well as the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand ($199 at Sephora)

1.25″ Barrel = Soft Voluminous Curls

Cleanse your hair thoroughly. Check for knots, or your curls will not grow correctly. Your hair must be dry before attempting to curl it. Dry any damp hair sections.

Step 7 :

Apply a heat-protectant product to your hair. The product is typically applied to dry hair. The heat protector will create an insulator between your hair and the iron to increase shine and shield against damage at high temperatures.

Step 8 :

Divide your hair into four sections. Separate your hair into the upper and lower half and then divide each section into a left and a right one. From there, you’ll be able to divide it into sections that measure between 2-3 inches (5.1-7.6 centimeters) in width. Attach the sections with clips, so that the smallest hair that hangs is either already curled or is the next piece of hair that need to curl.

Step 9 :

By dividing your hair into sections, you can curl your hair. To create the wand curl, use only the wand and wrap your piece that is hair inside the barrel. Make sure you don’t use the clamp on the end of the wand which “holds” the hair as it is curled. Make sure to not overlap your hair since this reduces the heat and causes weak sections. Utilize your fingers to hold the edges of the hair section closer to the barrel, without damaging your hair. Doing this instead of using the clamp can prevent curls from forming crimps.

Make sure you alternate the direction of curling between clockwise and counterclockwise to create a more natural look.

Step 10 :

Make sure you pin up curls quickly to ensure they keep their shape for longer. After grabbing the top of the curl compresses the curl to form an ideal curl. Make use of a bobby pin or similar hair clip to secure the circular piece of hair on your head.

Pinching the curls helps them to keep their shape as they cool. This helps your curls be more durable.

Step 11 :

Continue until your hair is secured. Wait until the curls have stopped being hot before removing the clips.

Step 12 :

Remove all the bobby pins after the hair has cooled. The curls will be shaken out and straighten any curls that have messed up.

Step 13 : Do not pull your curls

The curl should be held in the iron for 5 to 8 seconds but do not hold it for longer, says Jennings. Then, hold the curl with your hands for an additional three to five seconds to cool it down. Do not pull the iron and let your curl fall, or yank your curls. This will cause stretching of your hair and curls will become less defined.

Step 14 :

Make curly hair more manageable should you wish. If you do not want to keep the hair in its current, more formal form, twirl it using your fingers or play with it. The act of twirling large curls can be an excellent way to create waves.

Step 15 :

Use hairspray sparingly to hold your curls. Be careful not to over-spray, because it can make your hair stiff and can weigh it down. Hairspray is crucial for keeping your style, suggests Jennings. She suggests using hairspray once your hair is curled as it helps keep your style smooth and soft. Applying the product before curly hair will cause hair to become hard and brittle, she claims.

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